Are you interested in helping to plant a church like identity church in daytona beach?
we are looking for individuals, couples, families and friends to join our team as we seek to make god known in daytona to the ends of the earth.

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Volunteer Worship Leaders

We are seeking Volunteer Worship Leaders who are gifted musicians, team leaders, and can help us become more worshipful. We’re seeking to create (by God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit) a multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic worship experience, where worshippers feel challenged to embody the vision of being a part of a diverse missional church.

Communications & Media Intern

The Communications & Media Intern is custom designed for a creative who is looking to further investigate their talents while being able to gain valuable experience in a variety of areas of Communications & Media. The internship will provide opportunities to perform in the fields of photography, videography, copywriting, social media marketing and website building. This position is also custom designed to integrate the intern’s passions with the desired products to create interest and unity between the communications team and the rest of the organization. This internship will also require online research, search engine optimization, independent creative ideas and campaigns and community engagement.

Identity Church Ministry Intern

 The Identity Church Ministry Intern position will be a chance for an individual to learn about Identity Church with hands on experience. Through this internship the individual will assist the planting pastor and leadership team while being growing in spiritual and leadership development. This internship is designed to equip leaders who are interested in furthering their capacity to serve in ministry and have interest in church or spiritual leadership.