YEAR TWO - Learning, growing, going

I never thought two years could fly by so fast. When we first packed up our cars to move to Memphis, we were 8 1/2 months pregnant, both in graduate school and leaving our careers in Florida. We've seen births and birthdays, new jobs and new homes, graduations and other transitions. This last year started off very different than our first here but it played out well. Take a look at a few of our highlights from the last year. For the YEAR ONE review, Click Here.

Year In Review

September '16:

  • Started preaching cohort training with pastor ricky jenkins

  • Began leading a Community Group (Fellowship Group) with my wife and 3 other couples

  • worked with campus outreach at lemoyne-owen college to launch a new chapter

October '16:

  • attended the thriving frequency conference for urban church leaders

  • attended the advance the church, acts 29 church planting conference

November '16:

  • invited to speak on a panel on race and the gospel

  • Celebrated Fellowship Memphis' 13th Anniversary

  • Preached at Memphis Union Mission


January '17:

  • relaunch of the MEN PRAY ministry

February '17:

  • Preached at DiscipleNow conference in Natchez, MS.

March '17:

  • completed the preaching cohort

  • Preached at fellowship Downtown on resident sunday


april - june '17

Pastoral Resident Byron Cogdell finishes up our Engage series.


Although my role in the Fellowship Memphis Pastoral Residency did not change much, the experience was much grander. I was able to be a part of the lives of many through our time in a Fellowship Group and had the opportunity to lead many more as an assisting pastor at the Fellowship Downtown Outpost. I was able to learn so much in our preaching cohort and even more through one on one time with Pastor John Bryson and Pastor Ricky Jenkins. My marriage, my family and my own spiritual life has seen growth that I know that I experienced because of my time here. In the last two years, Memphis has given me something that I have never felt before. An experience with God and his people that encouraged me and has made me feel equipped to go all out in my calling. Thank you Fellowship ... Thank you Memphis. You'll be missed.

Byron L. Cogdell