We're Home.

In March of this year we began looking for a home to transition to from Memphis, TN. Not long after we started our search, we found a gem. A 4 Bedroom/2 bathroom with a mother-in-law suite in the back. HUGE BACK YARD. Front and back decks. Plenty of room to entertain ... have dinners... get togethers and all of that. It was perfect! On top of that, this historic home was in the exact area we wanted to live. When we looked at its availability, we saw that it was for sale. There was only one problem ... We weren't prepared to buy at the time.


The only thing we could think to do is print the listing of and place it on our prayer wall. We prayed over that bad boy BIG TIME for all of a week ... then ... the house was purchased and taken off of the market. Although we knew it was a long-shot, we thought that if anyone could make this home work for us ... it was God. And that isn't any type of "word of faith" or "name it claim it" technic we used ... the prayers were for our hearts. We didn't just want that house... that house was just a sign to keep us from settling for just anything ... and they helped us craft a vision for wanting a house like that. It was around that time that we started to understand that the house that we should pray for would be the one God has for us to raise our family to look to him, enjoy our friends while glorifying him and serve our community while pointing to him.

The prayers changed us ... and we believe that it got us the house too. Three months later, the new owner of the home had flipped it and we contacted her just hours after she put the "FOR RENT" sign out in the yard. She didn't even get a chance to post the listing to the internet before we told her our story of praying for the house. And now, we have our place of REST & REACH!

The last of our furniture has arrived and we are unpacking the last few boxes; getting ready to share our space with those God sends our way. There aren't enough emoji's and gifs in the world to explain how excited we are to be in this place and to use it to glorify God in an even greater way.

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