We finished Fellowship Associates ... now on to planting


In September of 2017, I started a journey with 6 other men that I think will be one of the most formative in my life. The seven of us were chosen out of scores of other men who have experience in ministerial leadership to be a part of a residency program for church planters. This program is unlike any other program though because it's focus is not just new churches being planted, but the leaders of those churches being healthy. The Fellowship Associates Church Planting Residency is designed to give church planters on every end of the spectrum an opportunity to learn in a cohort style environment with coaches, mentors and professionals that have help over 100 churches to be planted in the last two decades. Self-awareness, leadership lessons for teams, financial responsibility and processing issues of the heart are among the focuses of each FA meeting and the staff cares most about developing authentic and healthy leaders that can help spark church planting movements.

The churches that have been and we'll be planted from our cohort this year include:

Mere Church of Ranchocucamunga, CA
Cornerstone Church of Detroit, MI
Hope Fellowship Church of Knoxville, TN
Harvest City of Iowa City, IA
Trinity Community Church of Columbia, MO
Bay City Church of San Francisco, CA
and of course Identity Church.

If you feel a calling to church planting, there may not be any other church planting residency that is more thorough and proven than the one that Fellowship Associates has to offer. Check out www.fellowshipassociates.org , for more information and to fill out an application.

Take a look at some of our memories from the year!

Now it's time to get to planting Identity Church!

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Byron L. Cogdell