Cogdell's in Daytona November & December Update

The fall has been busy, exciting and a springboard to 2018. Take a look at a few of the things we were able to do :


  • Last Fellowship Associates meeting of 2017:
    Our FA cohort met for the last time of the year in Memphis, TN. We got to have great conversations about relationships in church planting, team building and leadership. We also were given a BBQ tour by the staff of Fellowship Memphis and visited the National Civil Rights Museum. Our cohort will resume our church plant training at the beginning of 2018.
  • Christ Community Church Annual Meeting:
    We were given an opportunity to share our vision for our church plant with the members of Christ Community Church. Working on this presentation gave us an opportunity to work on our prospectus and unveil the name of our church plant. To get a sneak peak of our prospectus, church name and logo, click here
  • Thanksgiving:
    We were happy to enjoy our first Thanksgiving in Daytona Beach. My mother in-love came down to visit and we enjoyed dinner with my brother-in-law's home.
  • Parker's 5th Birthday Celebration:
    We have a 5 year old son now!!! We took a big part of the month to celebrate our son as he is now 5 years old. We had a great weekend in Orlando with plenty of gifts and family.
  • Leftover Post-Thanksgiving Party:
    We opened up our home for the first time to host a Post-Thanksgiving party. We invited a few couples over for appetizers, games and a chance to hang with new people. This gave us an opportunity to help foster the gift of hospitality and give vision to those who came over.
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What's Coming Next:

  • Men's Fellowship: We are starting a Men's Fellowship this Saturday for Fathers & Husbands.
  • CCC Sunday Morning Class: At the beginning of the year we will be teaching a Sunday morning class at Christ Community Church.
  • Discipleship: I have been walking with a group of young men in discipleship relationships that I pray will continue for a good amount of time

How You Can Pray for Us

- Family -

Our family covets your prayers. Pray that Kimyatta & I will continue to grow in love with Christ and with each other more and more each day. Pray for our children as we look to parent them with grace and love.

- Support Raising -

As we walk towards the new year, we will be getting closer and closer to launching our church plant. We are in need of a lot of financial support and this takes a good bit of work to raise. Pray for us as we are meeting, asking and thanking people for their support of our ministry. We'd also love for you to pray for those who God will be using to support the ministry.

- Daytona Beach -

We need your prayers for our city. For it's people. For it's development. For it's peace. We desperately want to reach this city for Christ. We also need your prayers that people who are passionate about reaching the city will be brought into our lives to partner with us.

To join our prayer team, please click the button below

Byron L. Cogdell