A Place for Rest & Reach

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It's already been a month since we landed in Daytona and it's been great. We've gotten settled in our new positions, schools and church but there is still something lingering... We haven't found a permanently place for us to reside. It's not that there aren't options, but we haven't found the right fit for us. YES ... Security and layout are important but we've had to battle with having a home that not only would be good for us but good for the people who God will allow us to serve there.

It really has been a battle. We've always thought that our home is for only for us and should be our "sacred place" but as we've prayed, we have been challenged on that ideal. Although we must embrace security and a level of comfort, we have prayed and read through dozens of places in scripture where the home of Christians have not only been a place of REST but a place of REACH.

"Your home is a weapon for the mission (of God)" - Dhati Lewis

So now we are asking questions like:

  • How can we use our home to engage the lost?
  • How can we use our place of rest to walk with people through their spiritual lives?
  • How can we use our home as a place of discipleship?
  • How can we use our home to show biblical hospitality?

As private as we have been with our homes in the past, this is a spiritual shakeup for us and one that has impacted our search for the right place. To know that it was the hearts of men and women like Cornelius (Acts 10: 11-18), Simon the Tanner (Acts 9:43), Mary mother of John Mark (Acts 12:12), Levi (Luke 5:27-32) and so many more that used their homes to house pastors, missionaries, planters and everyday men and women that wanted to further gospel. To think about someone being open enough to allow over one hundred disciples of Christ to pray and worship God while the scripture fell upon them to empower them for ministry. Hospitality is a call to all Christians but especially those in ministry and we want to uphold that. Imagine men and women opening the scriptures, praying, talking, fellowshiping, celebrating and glorifying God all in our home. Our first church plant meetings and our most intimate moments of discipleship at our dinner table, on our couch, in our back yard. Acquaintances can be made in places of leisure, Friends can be made in places of enjoyment, but family is made in the home.

Family is made in the home

Family is one of the core components of our vision. That Christ did not just reconcile us to himself to keep us from sin but to make us family, so that when God looks upon us ... it is the way a Father would look at his very own child. This means that we are brothers and sisters of Christ, and just as a family lives close, struggles intimately and walks in unity ... we should too.

We want our home to be a place where family gathers so that Christ is glorified. Although we have found some great places, not many of them have been a place that we feel is right for us. As family to you ... we'd love your support in finding and securing the right place. 

Here's how you can help:

First we'd like to thank everyone who has given gifts to get us down here and in our temporary housing. We are beyond grateful for you and we pray for you daily! THANK YOU.

  • PRAYER: We are praying daily for our place of Rest and Reach. We'd love for you to add this specific prayer to your list as we pursue this spiritually and physically.
  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Relocating, securing a home and making it hospitable is not cheap. Nor is hosting, cooking dinners for those we encounter and disciple. We have a goal just for this area of our ministry of $3500 and we'd be honored if you'd join us in making it happen. We are praying for 35 people to give $50 or more monthly to help us blow past this goal. To become a monthly partner, please CLICK HERE or email bcogdell@cccdaytona.org
  • PHYSICAL DONATION: We have basic furniture but we'd love any donation of toiletries and house essentials that you'd be willing to give. Please send to 329 N. Williamson Blvd. or send a one time donation with the intended item for purchase in the memo line HERE.

To hear Dhati Lewis on using the home for mission click HERE for video
*Saturate x Jeff Vanderstelt

Byron L. Cogdell