We Are Moving ... Back to Daytona Beach

Two years ago, we moved from our home of Daytona Beach, FL., to Memphis, TN. Our move was one that we believed would be a great one for several reasons ... and it was. For the past two years we have grown tremendously, made many friends and matured as a family. Yet when we touched down two years ago, we knew that one day we'd be headed back to the beach. I prayed that if we weren't to leave, that God would change our plans for us ... but instead, with some trials and some affirmations, he made grew my affections for Daytona Beach.


The truth of the matter is this ... Daytona Beach is home for us. Before we moved to Memphis, all of my adult life was spent in Daytona. I grew up in Fayetteville, NC., but I became a man in Daytona Beach. But there is something that is a lot deeper than us missing the palm trees and sea-breeze. God has called us to Daytona...

Many men are called to pastor ... some are called to plant churches ... I have been called to plant in Daytona Beach. I love the city ... but nowhere near as much as God does. I am only looking to make Him known in Daytona Beach and help send disciples throughout the world. I want to be a part of the lives of many men and women who will be spiritually developed, called to purpose and empowered to live out their lives for Christ wherever they find themselves going. Often when we think of a launching ground for ministry, we don't think a small destination city like Daytona, but I see a city that has access to the nations through it's institutions, hospitality industry and location.


The short answer is that we will be preaching the gospel, making disciples and serving people. I will be serving as the Assistant Pastor and Church Plant Apprentice at Christ Community Church in Daytona. Our days will be filled with meeting people, relearning the land, and establishing the foundations for a church plant. There is a snapshot of our plan HERE.

Will you miss Memphis?

Heck yes! Memphis has been great for us. So many memories, new friends and stronger relationships with family. Not to mention the FOOD! We love and will always love Memphis. It's like our second home and we'll miss it a lot.

How can I follow The Cogdell's progress?

The easiest way to follow our progress is to sign up to receive monthly updates HERE. We will be regularly blogging and updating this website to keep everyone up to date. You can also follow us on social media.

Byron L. Cogdell