My Father's Day Prayer Request

For the past two weeks, I have been blessed with opportunities to serve at two different youth camps based out of Memphis, TN. The most recent one was Fellowship Memphis' student ministry's (FSM) annual Laguna Beach Summer Retreat. To make a long story as short as possible... God really showed me a lot about how loving of a Father he is during these times.

As we wrapped our camp up in Laguna Beach, FL., our student ministries pastor delivered some heartbreaking news to the adult camp leaders. The father of two of the students had fallen while on medication and suffered a fatal injury to the brain. We flew the sons back to Memphis but the doctors explained that their father has no chance of living. This morning he was taken off of all life support and is expected to be with Christ soon.

The two sons are in middle school and high school and during one of the most exciting week of their year, they were rocked by this happening. Their father serves our church in many ways but the one that stands out to me the most is his service in helping set up our children's area on Sunday mornings. The two boys walked into service this morning (June 19, 2016 - Father's Day) knowing that their dad may not be there when they got back to the hospital. I am writing this because I really love and appreciate their father and them as well. We are praying for a miracle of Jesus for this family... Regarding the state of the father, the strength of his sons during this time and that they be able to live with hope in the future; not allowing fear and suffering to blind them from the grace of God.  

If you are reading this... It's personal for me. I'd really appreciate you praying for David (the father), his wife and his two sons (Andrew and Hunter) . #DavidStrong