New Updates and opportunities

The last week has been filled with so many great opportunities to share the gospel and encourage people. We've also had some time to meditate on church planting and discipleship.


  1. I have been given the opportunity to organize an additional service for an independent senior living facility that is located next to where our East Memphis campus holds morning service. We will be ministering to the residents of Town Village Audubon Park in Memphis, TN., every first Sunday at 2:00 pm. I'm having a lot of fun getting the experience of putting a service together, crafting messages and thinking of was we can engage the residents and their families at this season of their lives.
  2. This past Tuesday, I joined the students at Visible Music College for their weekly chapel service. The experience was amazing. All of the students are gearing up for a career as musicians or music executives, while being discipled and centered in Christ throughout their time at Visible. I spoke to them about living as a Christian in the Real World and glorifying God in all that you do. 
  3. Lastly, I will be leading our church (Fellowship Memphis - East Memphis) in communion this week. This is a first for me but I am excited to have been asked.

Coming Up:

  • Next week, Fellowship Memphis will be starting spiritual growth classes for Men and Women. Kimyatta and I will both be attending but we are praying about whether we will be able to use these same materials in the future with our friends, family and those who we evangelize to. The name of the women's book is 'Biblical Femininity by Chrystie Cole' and the men's curriculum is 'Authentic Manhood's 33 the Series'
  • I will be visiting Daytona Beach on April 22 - 25th. Contact me if you'd like to meet to talk about ministry, our future plans or anything related to this site.
  • Continue to pray for my time with SOS-Summer Camp. This will be my first time preaching a five-day camp for youth, so it will take much preparation and prayer.
Byron L. Cogdell