My weekend in Daytona

I was able to spend some time with a great church in Daytona Beach this past weekend. 

Beach street

Beach street

Christ Community Church ( hosted and allowed me to share a little about my calling, getting trained at Fellowship Memphis and our plans of serving Daytona Beach in the future. It was great getting to connect with so many people who have a heart for serving the city, planting churches, discipling believers and pursuing diversity.

Here are a couple of things that I tried to convey while sharing with them:

  • Daytona (just like every other place in the world) will never have too many churches:
    Although it appears to be churches on every corner in the midtown and downtown areas of Daytona Beach, statistics show that there are nowhere near enough churches to house the amount of people in the city. Beyond the numbers you can see the lack of spiritual development in certain parts of the city. The church has the ability to enrich these communities spiritually as well as connecting people to resources for better employment, education and economic opportunities. 
  • The church cannot continue to be segregated:
    With a generation that is eager to view the world in a different lens and a nation that has been flooded with issues of race, ethnicity and social background all over the news, the church has to reflect the reality of God's plan for his kingdom... all tongues, tribes and people groups coming together as ONE with CHRIST. Not ignoring each ones unique makeup but discovering the beauty of it. 
  • We must connect the city:
    Daytona Beach, much like cities all over the world is somewhat divided both ethnically and economically. While seeking diversity in culture, we must also actively engage what it means to live life with those who have less and more than we do. We are praying for a church that can connect those who are poor in spirit, rich in faith, poor in pocket and full of resources ... to do one thing... BRING GLORY TO THE NAME OF THE LORD. John wrote that "They will know us by our love for one another." which means that all who confess that Christ is Lord should be active in giving, loving and serving ALL people... but especially the fellow believer. It's time that MLK meets Williamson ... that Orange Ave. meet Beach Street ... that A1A and ISB no longer divide the city but connect it.

Pray with me for this church, our partnership and continued support for the mission of making disciples of Christ everywhere we go and are.

Byron L. CogdellComment