200 Mexican Student Afterschool program and a Multi-Ethnic life

This week I had the pleasure of joining a couple of Fellowship Memphis' pastors and a fellow residents of mine to visit a pastor named Gregorio Diaz of Nueva Direccion Memphis.  Pastor Greg leads a majority Hispanic congregation in inner-city Memphis as well as leading a non-profit call Las Americas. As we sat with Pastor Greg, I was blown away at what God has done in his church and non-profit but even more, for his community. Las Americas works to serve Mexican students who could use tutoring or any other help in their learning environments. On any given day, the volunteers at Las Americas serves an average of 200 children with a "staff" of less than 5.

Although we met to hear more about Las Americas, there were many things that Pastor Greg shared with us that added fuel to my fire for ministry that serves those who are truly in need. He shared with us that he has been invited by several groups to discuss racial reconciliation and diversity in ministry but there weren't many who were willing to step into the "hood." Pastor Greg added " Pursuing racial reconciliation means that you will continue to offend people of different cultures until you actually get to know them." What Pastor Greg shared reminded me that the method of establishing diversity in our ministry is to live a diverse life. 

Las Americas NEEDS VOLUNTEERS to help with the abundance of students they have. If you would be willing to invest a couple hours of your day from 3:00-5:00 pm, please click here and send a message to the Las Americas account to inquire about serving.

Byron L. CogdellComment