"We live by faith"


Today I had an opportunity to meet Pastor Amos. He serves a church in Nairobi, Kenya. Much of his congregation are first generation believers who have walked away from traditional African spiritualism to believe in Christ Jesus. Pastor Amos came to faith at age 20 and started pastoring at age 23. While talking with him so many things became clear about PURE faith.

While talking with Pastor Amos, one of the pastor who was with me asked about his salary. He expressed to us that African pastors are rarely compensated for their ministry. Although he works FULL TIME as a pastor, running a church and a school, he is not on salary. "African pastors live by faith... we trust that God will provide, so we ask him to and then we trust that he will." Pastor Amos lives off of the blessings of God through gifts given by whomever is moved to help. He mentioned that in his 17 years of ministry, he has never gone without. This was a major inspiration to me and the other pastors in the room. Many of us will not move unless we know where every dime will come from and what it will cover... yet this man serves with no assurance besides the one promised in the Scriptures.

Pastor Amos also shed some light what it is like leading a Christian church in the midst of traditional African spirituality, Hinduism and Islam.

"Many people say 'How can you believe in the white man's religion? Christianity was forced on us by our previous oppressors' and my answer is  simple. God can use evil means to bring out good things. He also gave us the English language, organized education, our automobiles and clothing... I don't see you looking to abandon those things." 

I was humbled by Pastor Amos' testimony and heart. I pray that I will be able to sit with him again one day and update you all more from his wisdom.

If you feel called to give to Pastor Amos and his church in Nairobi, please contact Roy "Soup" Campbell at http://www.eikonministries.org/contact


Byron L. CogdellComment