Serve in the city


Earlier this week I had an opportunity to do a short bible study with middle school and high school students that live in the city of Memphis. This students were a part of a program called Operation Hope, a faith based non-profit that serves at risk youth by empowering them  to have a healthy and productive future. I was blessed to share a message about integrity with a group of students and share the gospel with them. We played games together and I had a chance to bond with the future leaders of the city of Memphis and the world.

It became very clear to me that all ministries should be working with non-profits and organizations that are serving the city... especially the inner city. Many of the high risk areas in our cities are where we can find the fatherless, the widowed, the poor and hopeless. Part of our mission is serving the city. Let the spirit of God lead you (and I) to be greater servants in each of our cities.


Byron L. CogdellComment