"This is where church is going"

My parents came to Memphis!

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Last week, my parents joined us at our new church home in Memphis. I have to say that I was a bit nervous about bringing them to Fellowship Memphis because it is so different from the kind of church that they are used to. Going to a church that does not own a building, doesn't have a deacon board and doesn't have a choir. After the service, I had an opportunity to ask the question that had been on my heart since the service started ... "What did you guys think?"

My father, who is the son of a pastor and has been involved with Missionary Baptist churches for much of his life, responded in a way that I didn't expect. "This is where church is going" he said. He expressed that he liked the brevity of the service, the fact that we aren't tied to a building and that we are practically debt free. He also made mention to how good the message was... one that was an expository style and much different from our baptist tradition.  This was very encouraging to Kimyatta and I, and it made us appreciate our move even more. Every church has its own identity and as long as the church preaches Christ, makes disciples and serves the community then they are doing well. A church that is mobile and debt-free offers certain benefits(and struggles) that traditional church models don't have though.

All in all... I am happy to be at Fellowship Memphis and I am even more excited about the fact that my parents were able to receive an expanded view of where the church may be going.


Click here to hear the sermon from the week of my parents visit: https://youtu.be/KgbjKhZa5t4

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