Regathering September 26th

Regathering & COVID19 Update

The last 18 months have been a whirlwind for the world and huge shock to many of us as well. The global pandemic of the novel Coronavirus is something that none of us saw coming and it surely wasn't a part of our plans as we set out to launch a church in the fall of 2019. But God, in his providential nature, provided ways for many of us to grow closer to him and each other during this season. We've lost a bit, but we've gained a lot ... and now after much prayer and consideration, I believe it's time for us to transition into a new season for Identity Church.
In January of 2021, we regathered online to reestablish our core family with hopes of it leading to us relaunching Identity. On this upcoming Sunday, September 26, 2021, we will be rolling out our second phase of relaunch which includes our hybrid gathering. Our Sunday morning gathering time will now be called IDENTITY LIVE and will include in-person and Zoom options for our church family and a Facebook live option for other viewers. The decision to create a hybrid worship gathering is to ensure that everyone can be included and to continue in our relational growth activities during our gatherings. The in-person portion of the gathering is purposed to expand our reach, reorient ourselves into in-person gathering and to help transition us all into meeting regularly in the future.

Please see the health and safety guidelines below for each option:
We will continue to review health and safety guideline provided by the Center for Disease Control HERE while also consulting with our in-house and local medical professionals. 


Have any questions or suggestions?
Leave them below for us to consider, pray about and answer.
We appreciate your feedback.
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