Pray In Silence // Prayers of Passion Week Devotional

Pray In Silence

There isn't much evidence in the Bible of what Jesus did during the fourth day of Passion Week and that may be a good thing. The plot was made against him and the bribe to have him delivered was put in place ... and yet the all-knowing Lord did nothing to interrupt this. He is virtually silent on the fourth day and this is why many refer to this day as the SILENT DAY. For all we know, Christ could have spent that 24 hours prepping the disciples for what would be some of the most eventful times they would ever experience. My guess (which isn't worth much) is that Christ taught them important lessons about trusting his words, loving people and serving God... but even more than that, He enjoyed time with his closest companions. What I can be sure of based on every other chapter that is documented about Jesus' life is that He spent  significant time in prayer.

As we prepare to recognize the most powerful acts of a man that have ever happened in human history, take some time to be intimate with our Lord and Savior. Tonight, set aside 12 minutes of your time to talk with Jesus in silence. We've all had more frequent times of isolation in this season, but have you used that time to be alone and silent with God?  Know that He values being in the presence of those who believe in him and call Him Lord. Release any preconceived thoughts about prayer and just talk to Him as you would a friend. Pray to Him in Silence.

Lord God,
enrich my heart with your word;
empower me by your presence
Give me a heart to sit
and listen to your way.
Pull me from the mind
that centers on me and give me
a mind that is renewed in you.
Let the silent moments
be rich with your Spirit.

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