It's Officially Launch Season

We are excited to announce that Identity Church will be launching on September 15th!!! As we get closer to launch, we thought we'd explain what #IDLaunchSunday and #IDLaunchSeason is all about and how you can be involved.

What does it mean to launch a church?

We use the term "launch" to describe our church plant going public and officially become a gathering place for Sunday morning worship.

Haven't you already been meeting?

Yes! We started gathering Saturday afternoons in the summer of 2018 with a group of people who felt called to lead in seeing a new church come to life. As we grew together, we invited more people to grow with us and eventually started to meet on Sunday evenings. At the beginning of August, we began to gather on Sunday mornings at 10:30am at Campbell Middle School. Now that we have settled to Campbell being our new home, we are ready to welcome and reach new people.

What's the big deal with #IDLaunchSunday?

Well we look at our journey of going from a church plant to a full church as one that happens in phases. Officially launching is a bit like a wedding ceremony. Our first phase of meeting was like starting a new relationship (sharing ideas, vision, culture) and then our second phase was us committing to that relationship (forming into a launch team and inviting other people into our gatherings) and with our move into Campbell Middle School on Sunday mornings, it's like we have completed our marriage license ... now we look forward to the official ceremony (and reception)!

This means that our LAUNCH SUNDAY will be a celebration of what God has allowed for us to do up to now and what we believe he will allow for us to do in the future. #IDLaunchSunday will be a full worship service with a lot of additional ways to celebrate as well.

Who all is invited?

EVERYONE!!! Friends, family, strangers, neighbors ... anyone and everyone who would like to celebrate with us. We would like to invite everyone in the city and we'd love for you to invite everyone you know as well. And ultimately, the invites aren't about us ... they are about JESUS. They give us an opportunity to share the love of Christ through the worship of God. We want more people to come to know, trust, love and walk with Jesus and we we think this season could be the first steps that many people need.

Is Identity Gathering before
September 15th?

Most definitely! We will gather every Sunday from now on at Campbell Middle School at 10:30 am for worship. On August 11th, August 25th and September 8th, we will have special parts of our services that will preview what launch and post-launch will be like, but every Sunday will include a full worship experience.
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